open your i,  is a live one on one experience where I will guide you to go deeper within and release anything that you feel ready to let go of, while you are also watching your 3rd eye portrait being created.

At the end of the session you will receive a digital open-i portrait of yourself and hopefully feel lighter within.

This is an experiment and a free experience. The only thing needed to provide is 1 to 3 high resolution waist-up photographs of yourself. These photos will be use as the base of the portrait.

To give your portrait a deeper meaning, you are highly encourage to also upload a few of extra images of anything that brings you the most joy, now or has in the past.
You will also need to email me with a short description of what is that you are ready to let go of. This can be written or by recording a short video of max 5mins.
It for me to have an idea to where you are at in your process and to confirm your commitment.

The extra images you’ll send that are other than of yourself, can be of anything you want besides 
images of another human being

This experience is all about YOU, and for YOU and only YOU 

For the moment, I am only doing 2 sessions every week.
Everything is done via Zoom where you are invited to join me 
While the room we can talk about some but are highly encourage to simply be in silence and go deeper within

There is no right or wrong, only what is

Some of these sessions that will be pre-agreed upon, will become a part of the open-your-i weekly Thursday night live-stream
A 3 hours stream where I talk about life, insights, share personal experiences and some Photoshop tips & tricks in the mixte.

By sharing I am hoping to help others along the way

Please carefully read the guidelines

Click   *   to learn about the specs for best images to send in

In the email, please take the time to write a short paragraph that explains why you want to be part of this experience and what is the thing or things you are ready to let go of.

After receiving your image/images and made sure that all is good, we will choose a time and date that works best for both of us and I will email you back to confirm with the password you need to enter the Zoom room

On the set date, come back to this page and take a moment to connect with yourself 
. . .

click the eye to enter

see you on the other side

Email your images

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