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. Clody Cates .

self-avoidance is the mother of all addictions – walk through the fog and discover your light

letting all that which no longer serves you fall like autumn leaves

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in need of

photoshop . editing . grafix . illustration

One on One

learn new things - get rid of old things

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unique . artistic . personalized
as a self taught multidisciplinary artist I like to constantly experiments with different processes and techniques to elevate my artistic skills and push mental boundaries – this path has taken me on a limitless journey were I can see beauty in everything –  whether creating art from my own concepts or making someone else’s dream come to life, nothing is off limits – every challenge is an opportunity to discover something new and master new skills

... Artwork ...

. Take Me Home .


copper repouse wall art


pvc pipes water sculpture

cannabis flower

handformed copper sculpture

This website is a reflextion of my present self
Always Evolving
Please comeback again soon to see the transformations