. Clody Cates .

... art . bizness . consciousness ...

as a self taught multidisciplinary, I like to constantly experiments and ventures new territories, elevating my skills and pushing boundaries – this path has taken me on a limitless journey were I can see beauty in everything and solutions in every challenges whether creating art, building a business or guiding someone in life transition
– each instant is an opportunity to grow and love life –

... Artwork ...

. for sale .


copper repouse wall art

cannabis flower

handformed copper sculpture

image specs


the image can be taken by you with your smartphone, selfy style

the more straight-on the better
mid-chest and up
good to decent lighting
minimal hard shadow is preferred
if you wear prescription glasses, please send an image
with the glasses and one without the glasses

No sunglasses

the extra images can be of anything you wish except of another human being and are less strict with the quality, send what you have and we’ll see!

minimum size for the photo of yourself: 
2000px on the short side
and between 2000 to 6000mb

thank you