This whimsical sculpture is in search of a forever home - Please email below for details

Dream Pipes, is a self contained water fountain sculpture that brings calm to the mind, body, and soul 
A great addition to your space that can be use for meditation, quiet reading or as a great conversation starter to your gatherings

The spectators are invited to explore this surreal structure from all angles, including entering its core, where they will be surrounded by a mixture of flowing water sounds and purified misty air

This puzzling, all white PVC pipe futuristic tower, with 9 fountain heads, 3 ultrasonic foggers, and LED effects creates an out of this world dreamy landscape that envelopes the viewers with wonders

The white pipes will reflect any ambient, direct lights and video projections that is part of it’s surroundings

50% of the profits from the sale, will be donated to The Lake Merritt Gardens

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