This whimsical sculpture is in search of a forever home - Please email below for details

Dream Pipes, is a self contained water fountain sculpture that brings calm to the mind, body, and soul 
A great addition to your space that can be use for inspiration, meditation, quiet reading or as a great conversation starter to your gatherings

The spectators are invited to explore this surreal and puzzling structure from all angles, including entering its core, where they will be surrounded by a mixture of flowing water sounds and purified misty air

Created entirely with white PVC pipe, this futuristic tower includes 9 fountain heads, 3 ultrasonic foggers, and 3 programmed underwater LED sets

The white pipes are highly reflective and will take on the colors or any ambient and/or direct lights, including video projection, which creates an out of this world dreamy landscape that envelopes the viewers with wonders

50% of the profits from the sale, will be donated to The Lake Merritt Gardens

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